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Dear Dr. Pianka,

Thank you! My trigger finger is healing beautifully since my surgery.  Here I am holding my camera underwater with no problem at all, just as you promised!

Sunny regards from Bonaire, Joan Zale

Over the years Dr. Pianka has treated my boys for a wide range of orthopedic injuries including a broken wrist, one broken thumb and a broken femur. Dr. Pianka has been a superb doctor for all of these injuries, combining an unmatched expertise to expedite the healing process with a terrific beside manner that puts the boys at ease while explaining to them what they can do to help themselves recover. He has been a trusted advisor and healer in times of real stress for us.

Lori Benson

“I had previously been diagnosed by another hand specialist who told me the dysfunction of my right hand middle finger was Dupuytren’s Contracture. For over five years I had difficulty contracting this finger and massaged it constantly thinking that it would help. When I went to see Dr. Pianka, within a minute he told me that I had a trigger finger not Dupuytren’s Contracture. I agreed to a minor surgical procedure in the office, which is one of his specialties. I am saying specialty because the norm is to have this procedure done in a facility set up for surgery. I am happy to report that the finger is progressing and am optimistic that I will have normal function in the near future.

I think that Dr. Pianka is really terrific. He is always on the money with his diagnosis. He takes the time to listen, engage and is never a rush to get you out so he can get to the next patient.”

Robert Pickert athletic director and football coach emeritus Hackley School

“As a general orthopedic surgeon, there have been many occasions where my patients have needed the services of a hand/upper extremity specialist. Dr. Pianka’s brilliance as a surgeon and technician, impeccable judgement, and wonderful, warm personal qualities have made him my ‘go-to’ choice for over 15 years.”

Edward Crane, M.D. Diplomate, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons Attending Orthopedic Surgeon, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York

“I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Pianka. Aside from your obvious skill as a surgeon, you displayed your usual calm demeanor, sensitivity and compassion at all times, both before and after my daughter Caroline’s operation. After you first looked at her x-rays, you patiently and carefully explained our options and, when she chose the surgery route so she could avoid being casted for three months, you fit the surgery in, on a single day’s notice, to an already busy operating schedule to accommodate our needs. When she flew back to New York the following week for a check-up with you, you emphasized that she could always call you if she experienced any problems at all. It is now only a couple of weeks since the operation, but Caroline already is on her way to a nice recovery. Hopefully, we will not need your surgical services for a while, but please know that we are among your biggest fans.”

EB Briarcliff Manor, NY